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September 14, 2013
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Giantess Cheerleader

       Amy was an 18 year old senior at New Lincoln Heights High School. Amy was the hottest girl in the school who had DD boobs, a nice tight ass and she has blonde hair. Amy was currently in a relationship with the hottest guy in her school, named Jason. He is the captain of the football team and was the team’s first string quarterback. She was the captain of a cheerleading squad of about twenty girls ranging from freshman to seniors.  One day Amy was helping her coach run a practice, the freshmen were doing the pyramid for the first time. Amy watched as the freshmen jump up and begin to make a pyramid, after a lot of falling and hitting the young freshmen finally got it. The whole time, during practice, the football team was practicing. When the boys finished practicing, Jason came over to Amy and gave her a kiss right on the lips and said, “babe I am going to go home see you later I love you”. “Hey get back here” Amy said. “What I have to go home because I need some sleep after some practice” Jason said. “Really you are going to leave your hot girlfriend” Amy said whining. “I am sorry honey I have to go now because my mom needs me” Jason said leaving Amy on the football field.

“Why that jerk” Amy said to herself as she watched her quarterback boyfriend got into his black Ford-F150 and drove out of the high school parking lot. “I am going to teach him and this whole school that I am the queen of the school and there is nothing that they can do about it” Amy said as she walked to her pink mustang convertible that her rich father bought her for her sixteenth birthday. Amy’s father was a super genius, which Amy obviously did not get from him. Amy’s dad has translated his genius into a large corporation called Frank Industries. Amy’s parents were currently on a second honeymoon in Rome. Amy arrived home and went down to her dad’s office on the first floor. It was a small room with two windows on one side that faces the outside, one side had a large bookshelf unit, and there was a fireplace with a giant desk in the center.  The other week she saw that her father had pulled a book in the bookshelf to open a secret trap door underneath his desk. Amy ran over to the bookshelf and begins to pull out every single book from the bookshelf. She kept pulling them until she pulls a book which won’t move. She turns around and sees that her father’s desk has moved and a trap door has opened to reveal a ladder heading down.

Amy walks over to the ladder and begins to climb down to see what her father was hiding in his secret room under his desk. She continues to climb down until she comes down on the ground. She turned around and saw that she was now in a white room filled with inventions. She saw a time machine, a wormhole generator, a device that could take you into a TV, and finally she saw what she has imagined forever, a shrink ray. “Oh my gosh I have been looking for one of these for years. I am so going to use this on that stupid school during the crowning of the homecoming court tomorrow. That bitch Katelyn took my spot as queen. I should be queen because Jason is king, now I will take my revenge on all of them. Jason is so cheating on me with Katelyn and I am going to make him pay” Amy said as she grabbed the shrink ray and began to climb back up the ladder to her father’s office. Once in her father’s office she places the shrink ray back on the desk and went to put all of the books she took off the shelves to make sure her father didn’t find out that she knew about the lab below the house. To make sure that she knew what the book to open the door was so she marked it with a black dot on the spine with a permanent marker.

Amy decided that she was going to go to bed because she was exhausted from cheerleading practice. Amy slept all night and woke up on a Friday morning. Since it was Friday Amy had to wear her cheer uniform to celebrate the football game that was going to happen tonight. Amy placed the shrink ray inside her book bag and got into her pink mustang and drove to school where she went thought her classes. After classes everyone was takes to the gym where they all sat to listen to the crowning of the homecoming king and queen. Katelyn and Jason sat on a stage in the middle of the gym and Amy was sitting in the runner up chair off of the stage. She reached into her bag and grabbed the shrink ray and used its touch pad to change the options of the shrinking. She chose to change the setting to shrink everyone to once centimeter and only shrink people, not the furniture. As soon as she finishes changing the settings she pulls she gun and aims it at the crowd. It wasn’t a beam that shoots out like what Amy thought would it was a laser that looked like it was scanning people except it shrunk them as it scanned them. She went all over the room shrinking every single person.  

After Amy had shrunk every person in the gym including her boyfriend and the homecoming queen Katelyn. Amy began to go around to ever single seat in the gym picking up every person and throwing them into her open pink backpack. “I can’t wait to play with all of you” Amy said as she was going around the gym picking up all the students and teachers from her school. Once she had got every single person who was spectating the crowning of the homecoming court she went over to where Jason and Katelyn were sitting before she shrunk them. She found them embracing each other. “Why you fucking cheater” Amy said as she tore Jason from Katelyn and brought him to her face. “No Amy it’s not what it looks like” Jason said. “Oh really is it, because I think that it is exactly what it looks like Jason”  Amy said sassing her boyfriend. “Here is the deal Jason, you are going to be my little slave and I will let you live as for Katelyn. She gets this” Amy said as she sat down on the seat where Katelyn was standing. For good measure Amy grinded her ass into the seat to make sure her rival Katelyn into the ground. “Amy you just killed Katelyn” Jason shouted from Amy’s hand. Amy turned her head toward her boyfriend and said “look shrimp, I am the queen of New Lincoln Heights High School now and you better respect me or I will not hesitate to kill you like little Katelyn” Amy said as she grabbed her shrunken person filled pink backpack and went to her pink mustang.

Once inside her car, Amy placed her tiny person filled backpack on the floor of the passenger seat, and threw her tiny boyfriend in her huge cleavage. Amy then put on her seatbelt and drove home. Once she got home she grabbed her backpack and took it to her room. Once she was in her room which was full of pink and NFL cheerleaders. Amy went to her bed and began to dump her backpack onto the ground causing some people to break their bones and some to even die. Once she was done dumping them out of the backpack she looked down of the pile of people from her high school. “Ok anyone who can still move I want you to go over to my pillow and divide yourselves into two groups if you are not ready by the time that I get over there I will feed you to my cat” Amy said. People began to get up and basically run to her pillow. Some of the people with broken bones even tried to move but fell over in pain. “Ok is everyone who can run away? Good I am hungry and need something good to eat” Amy said as she took a handful of the injured people and threw them into her mouth. There were screams as the people were placed into Amy gaping mouth and then chewed into a boney mushy paste then swallowed. This continued until all the people who were injured were just a paste in her stomach. The people by the pillow who were now divided into two groups, screamed out in fear. “Oh shut the hell up your deaths for insubordination will be so much quicker than what happened to them” Amy said walking over to were the two groups where. “Please don’t hurt us queen of New Lincoln Heights High School” the principal. “Well I can’t promise I will be doing that, maybe had you made me the homecoming queen I would not have been driven to do this” Amy said as she looked down at the principal’s group. “Please Amy don’t hurt us” he continued to plead. “Ok principal shrimp I will just please can you help me by having your group move to the center of my bed for reenlarging” Amy said. “Of course Amy I am glad that you have seen things my way” the principal said as he brought his group of students and faculty to the center of Amy’s bed.

Once there they looked up at Amy expecting her to use the device that she used to shrink her to make them bigger. But instead of seeing a shrink ray to make them bigger they saw something that they never thought that they would see. It was Amy’s left breast coming right down on them. It hit them and squished them into a giant blood stain. “That is what you fuckers deserve, for questioning the queen of New Lincoln Heights High School. Now it is time for you all to know who is your goddess” Amy said.  “No please please please don’t do this Amy” her history teacher said to her. “Didn’t you see what I just did to the other group you dumb ass. Now I want you to get on the floor” Amy said. “Ok ok ok Amy” the history teacher said as he had his group use the bed sheets to climb down the side of her bed. Once they were down on the floor and in a group again Amy walked over to them now barefoot. “Look you little shits I am the queen now and we are going to play a little game its called unaware giantess. It is where I pretend to be a giantess, oh wait I already am, and you all are the little people and I pretend to not know you are there ready here we go” Amy said as she walked away from the group of little people on her floor. Then she began to walk back to them. People screamed at Amy trying to get her to stop. “Humm that sounds like the wind” Amy said as she continued to walking to the group of people. Then there was a huge squish as all the people were squished underneath Amy’s sexy right foot.

“Well now that everyone in the school is dead it looks like I get my tiny boyfriend all to myself” Amy said as she looked down at Jason who was still in between her boobs. “Amy please don’t hurt me” Jason said. “Oh little man don’t worry starting tomorrow you are going to help me by being my slave, but for now I am going to go to bed” Amy said as she lied in her bed to fall asleep. Amy fell asleep and Jason was not going to risk being his bitch girlfriend’s slave for the rest of his life so he jumped out of her cleavage, climbed down her bed and proceeded to her door. He was almost there when Amy noticed that her boyfriend was missing from her boobs so she looked at her door and saw him running for it. She got up and tip toed to where he was running, and then slammed her foot down in front of him. “Oh trying to run from your queen I see you ungrateful ass. I let you live and was about to let you get big again, but you killed it so now it is time to die” Amy said not even giving Jason a change to argue back. She smashed her foot on him. “Well I need to go to another school now and get a better boyfriend” Amy said.

The End
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I was her best friend i run tO her foot " amy pelase stop tHis have you gone insane"
"Never I am sick of people taking advantage of me" I said grabbing you off the ground
I scream " no no no please dont crush me i thought we were friends"
"we were" I say as I pop you like a pimple
Do you wanan do a new rp
i guess message me
Micromia Mar 7, 2014  New member
You roleplay?
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