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Giantess Beach Babe

One gorgeous day in a small town in California, which resided on the beach a woman of about 20 years old named Monica was walking down the street. Soon she ran into a man with a white lab coat and glasses on. After they collided the man looked at her and said Miss please help me, I created this shrink and grown ray and I don't want the government to take if for military use. I need you to hide it. Do what you want with it just don't tell anyone about it. The man then gave Monica a si-fi looking gun and ran off. Well that was strange Monica thought to herself as she walked home with this gun in her hand. Once she reached her house she walked in. It was a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house that was right on the beach so she had a view of all the people walking down the Californian shore.
Monica decided that she needed to see if the gun actually worked, so she took aim at her couch and pulled the trigger. A bright red light shot out of the gun and enveloped the couch. Monica stops holding the trigger and sees the couch shrink so that only a toddler can sit in it. Wow that crazy guy was right about this thing it really can shrink things, now I wonder if it can grow my couch back Monica says. She then changed the setting on the gun to grow and fires at her couch. This time a green light comes out of the gun and envelopes the couch, the couch soon grows back to normal.

Humm Monica says to herself, I wonder if it works on people too. Monica then opens her back door and walks onto the beach. She sees a woman running with her husband and a man with his metal detector on the beach. Well as the geeky man said to me when I got the gun, I have to make sure no one knows I have the gun so I have to shrink all three of these people Monica said as she took aim at the running couple first. Monica pulls the trigger and the red light comes out of the gun and envelops the two love birds. They quickly shrink to six inches tall. Monica runs over to them and grabs them before they can say anything and shoves them into her purse. The man with the metal detector saw Monica shrink the couple and is now running away. Not so fast mister Monica yells as she pulls the trigger on the man. He too shrinks to six inches tall and Monica again puts him into her purse. She then walks back into her house.

After she gets in her house, Monica walks to her room and takes out the three shrunken people and places them on her floor. Why did you do this to us the guy with the metal detector asked as the couple just sat there holding each other. I wanted to see if my toy worked on humans and since you three were in the wrong place at the wrong time I had to shrink you Monica responded. Just then her phone rang. Monica answered it, it was her BFF Emily. No Emily I cant come over now I am working on something at home Monica said.

As she was on the phone the metal detector man started to move toward the door to the room. He got about half way when he heard Monica say Emily I have to go now I will talk to you later. Monica hung up the phone and only saw two of her shrunken people. She looked around and saw the man running toward the door. Monica runs after him and smashes her foot down right in front of him. He falls back and Monica picks him up. She then says you will be punished for running from me. Monica grabs the shrink ray and shoots him with it so he dwindles down to one inch tall. Now enjoy my mouth Monica says as she throws the bug sized man into her mouth. Inside the man was hit left and right by Monica’s gigantic tongue. Soon after a long time of struggling to stay alive the man is spit back out by Monica. Not I am truly going to end you bug man Monica says as she puts the man in between her boobs. Enjoy your last few seconds of life, I bet this is the closet you have ever been to a hot girls boobs old bug man Monica says as she begins to squeeze her boobs together. The man screams. Soon Monica hears a pop like a pimple bursting. She stops squeezing and sees blood in her cleavage.

Well that was fun Monica said as she walked back over to the couple who is now cowering in fear in the corner of the room. Come here Monica commands. The little couple walks over to her. Cccaaan you please let us go the husband asks. Nope I cant do that Monica responds as she shrinks them to two inches tall. I need to get rid of you because no one can know what I have done here with the shrinking and all. Monica said back. She then removes her jeans and panties revealing her ass. Hey little guy just imagine this as you wife’s ass ok Monica says as she lowers her ass over the couple. There is a scream as the couple embraces for the last time. Then CRUNCH. Monica’s ass comes down killing them instantly. Well now I know that this works on humans. I wonder if the grow function works on humans too Monica wonders.
The end?
A California babe finds a shrink gun on ground!
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MumeiKun Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
grow function story next? : p
Fred100000 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013
Have not had that request yet
MumeiKun Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
 I officially request it then ^^
Fred100000 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013
well do you have anything to trade?
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